Safari Season 2020 – Before The Pandemic

Between the sunshine and the storm are unforgettable moments of peace and beauty. Sunset on the Mara, January 2020.

December 2019 – March 2020
Our safari season from Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2019 through March 2020 was really fun! We had lovely guests and our crew in Mara Camp and Kiota Safari House were in top form. Then, on the day our last safari guests flew home, the world changed – ‘The Coming Plague’ had arrived. The Kenya government acted swiftly and wisely, and with the announcement of the airport Lock Down my friends and I suddenly had to decide whether to jump on the next flight out, or spend the next several months in Lock Down in Kenya.

I chose to grab the last flight out via Bangkok to Manila to join my family, and my friends also found their way home to their loved ones, so all went well. It was such a rush though, I hardly had time to savor the memories of some really fantastic safaris with our guests. Here are some pictures and notes about some of the highlights.

Our fun guests from Bozeman loved our sundowners and our vintage Land Rover Series 1.

Battle-scarred but still an Alpha Male!

Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, animals everywhere. A safari fantasy fulfilled – but already planning for the next one!

One of the special moments our guests enjoyed at Kiota Safari House. Elephants walking along the river as viewed from the veranda.

Our Mara camp lounge during Safari Season 2020. We will be ready and waiting for you in 2021!

We are so proud of our Kenya hospitality team. We have a small crew in Lock Down, guarding our Mara campsite, and our Kiota Safari House team also Locked Down and doing maintenance and work in the awesome garden.

DY at the Source of the Nile. Jinja, Uganda with Mark Uhlig and Candice Millard-Uhlig. March 2020.