Join us on safari for the world’s most exciting wildlife and traditional cultures in Vintage Luxury Style.

Donald Young, CEO
Newland, Tarlton & Co.

Donald Young
Donald Young Safaris
Newland, Tarlton & Co.
Owner & Safari Guide

The romantic safaris of the Golden Age of Travel have always been the inspiration for my own safaris.

Newland & Tarlton invented luxury tented safaris in 1904 and set a standard for excellence among the world’s elite travelers that has never been surpassed. Like their contemporary brands – Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry, and Holland & Holland – Newland, Tarlton & Co. was synonymous with reliability, understated luxury, and superb attention to detail.

In 2001 I decided to buy Newland, Tarlton & Co. and bring the greatest safari company of all roaring back to vigorous life.

N&T is now my Kenya-based company, and the Newland, Tarlton & Co. brand is once again the icon for custom travel programs and classic travel decor.

A safari with Newland, Tarlton & Co. is not just a vacation, it is the beginning of a passionate love affair with Africa. Join Us!

— Donald Young, CEO – Newland, Tarlton & Co.

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Camp Lounge
Masai wedding ceremony
Sasakwa Suite Singita
Lotus of Loving Kindness

Your Safety, Health and Happiness is our No. 1 Priority

From the moment you arrive in Africa our team assists you through Immigration and Customs and our private drivers will deliver to your overnight hotel. Our team will review your schedule with you and personally escort you to the flight to your first safari destination. At no time will you be without one of our team or one of our travel partners who will make sure you are not only safe but having the experience of a lifetime.

Kenyans are some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world and your safari with us staying at a lodge in the quiet suburbs of Nairobi, at our private house on the El Karama Wildlife Sanctuary, and our private 1904 tented camp in Masai Mara are as safe as your own home-town.

Private Tented Camps in the Masai Mara

We feel our Private Tented Camps in the Masai Mara and other reserves are the best way to experience Africa – let us prove it to you!

There is nothing quite like coming back to camp in the gloaming after an exhilarating day on safari. A perfect hot shower awaits you; your clothes have been freshly laundered, beautifully pressed, and smell like sunshine. Coming out to a crackling campfire the stars blaze overhead and maybe somewhere out in the dark, a lion roars. It is at moments like these that the primordial energy of Africa steals into your soul and changes you forever. Our tented camps create a safe, comfortable, and joyful haven from which to explore the African wilderness, to see the world as it looked in its infancy, and to re-discover magic.

Luxury Lodge Safaris

Our Luxury Lodge Safaris include the finest lodges and permanent camps located in iconic wildlife areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Republic of South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda.

Our most popular programs combine private lodges in Northern Kenya (2-3 nights), the Masai Mara (4 – 5 nights) followed by a 4-day gorilla trek in Rwanda. Also popular is our ‘Best of Southern Africa’ tour combining the highlights of Botswana wildlife with South Africa’s Cape.

Most of our guests are families – often 3 generations – or private groups of 8 – 10 people. As a small, personally run company we imbue every one of our custom programs with a knowledge, passion, and loving attention to detail unmatched anywhere.

Best Guide Team

Because our guide team is composed of MEN AND WOMEN from AFRICAN and EUROPEAN heritage, our guests benefit from a depth of perspectives, knowledge and expertise missing from other luxury camping companies. All of our guides are passionate and knowledgeable about wildlife, and love teaching our guests – young and old – about the magic and mysteries of the natural world. All of us know how blessed we are to have the privilege to be your hosts in paradise on one of the most wonderful experiences on the planet – a tented safari in Africa. Please read more about our guide team here.

Private Campsites

Our private campsite in the Masai Mara was presented to Don Young for his personal use by the Maasai more than 25 years ago and Don believes this campsite is one of nature’s ‘power spots’ – a magic forest full of healing energy and an island of calm set in the midst of one of the greatest wildlife areas on the planet.

We love mobile camping because it allows an uncluttered intimacy with nature without sacrificing the creature comforts, and because it leaves behind a minimal carbon footprint. We believe we offer the best tented African Safaris. Let us prove it to you.

Exciting Destinations!

Our experience allows us to design unique Custom Safari Packages around your interests, travel schedule and budget. Our Kenya-based team knows how to listen to your ideas and dreams and craft for you the experience of a lifetime.

Although we love our private tented camps, we are expert at selecting the best lodges and hotels, and because we are a small privately owned company, we treat all our clients like friends and every detail of your safari is planned with loving care.

Hospitality is our specialty

Our safari camp staff are not just “help” but proud and experienced professionals who will be one of the surprise pleasures of your safari.

The motto for our camps and crew is “Loving Kindness” and we discuss what this means to each of us and how we can best practice loving kindness with our guests and to the African wildlife and wilderness around us.

Ready to talk with one of our safari specialists?

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Being on safari is one of the most romantic vacations you can have. We have been with Don Young and his company twice and we hope to go back again soon. We loved the beautifully designed tents and the incredible service. Their food is awesome, their staff is sweet and so attentive, and the campsites are in the heart of wild Africa – magical, mystical & very romantic. For honeymooners, or just romantic couples like us – WOW! - this is the way to go.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Hafer, Denver Colorado

Arline and I want to thank you for an experience that has changed our family forever. Nature provided the setting, but you added two very special features: First, your knowledge of everything that walked, flew, swam, or grew kept us spellbound. Second, the warm hospitality of you and your colleagues made us feel very welcome in the deepest wilderness of Africa. We all only go around once, so I'm glad Donald Young showed us the best of Africa.

Ted Greene, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Thank you for all of your efforts in making our trip to Kenya such a wonderful experience. You are a gifted teacher. To not only have the knowledge, but to be able to communicate it so well and in so many different ways—that is a real talent. We want to particularly thank you for the sincere interest you showed in us as a family. You were much more than a guide; you were part of our family and tried to understand each of us. We look forward to traveling with you again.

David L. Anderson, Atherton, CA

Debbie and I have been on safari with Don Young twice (at his Newland, Tarlton 1904 Safari Camp) - and we hope to make a third trip someday with our adult children. Don's staff are some of the kindest, most warm hearted and loving people we have ever been around and that includes our close friends.

Paul Burner

We believe our private luxury camping safaris are the finest way to experience the magic of the African wilderness.

Join us for the trip of a lifetime!