Our Private Luxury Tented Camps
are the best way to experience Africa.

There is nothing quite like coming back to camp in the gloaming after an exhilarating day on safari. A perfect hot shower is ready for you in your tent, and your clothes have been freshly laundered, beautifully pressed, and smell like sunshine. Coming out to a crackling campfire and sitting down with your favorite drink, the stars blaze overhead and maybe somewhere out in the dark, a lion roars. It is at moments like these that the magic of Africa steals into your soul and changes you forever. Our exclusive campsites are carefully selected for their beauty and uncluttered intimacy with nature. We offer deluxe private camping in Kenya and Tanzania, and use our favorite small tented camps in Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. See Destinations

    Newland, Tarlton. & Co. first invented luxury tented camping in 1904 and we feel we have perfected it.  Our specialty is private luxury, mobile tented camp programs in Kenya. Our camp crew: including chef, valets, waiters and camp guards are not just ‘staff’ but proud professionals who supply all the homey, personal touches of a fine hotel.
    Many of our clients who frequent the great restaurants of London and New York City, have said our food is as delicious and enjoyable as they have ever had. Before each safari, we send our guests a questionnaire for diet preferences and we can prepare vegetarian, low-fat, ‘South Beach Level II” or “Picky U.S. Teenager” menus as required.
    Chairman, Donald Young has designed all the tents and camp furnishings himself to create the perfect blend of romance, safety, and comfort while maintaining the true safari experience of camping out in the African wilderness.
    Much of the tourist industry in Africa is now taken up with the ‘boutique safari camp’, small permanent lodges, which although beautifully decorated, are not the True Safari Experience. We have stubbornly stayed true to our origins while still providing Africa’s most comfortable tented camps. All of our clients are personal referrals, and over 75% of our clients come with us every few years. Please see Testimonials.