Our Royal Honeymoon Campsite in the Sacred Forest

Where a Princess became Queen

This beautiful forest was the site chosen in 1952 where Princess Elizabeth of England was scheduled to camp with Prince Philip on their honeymoon. Before the newly married couple could arrive however, King George VI died, the Princess became the Queen and returned home to England, and no one ever camped on this magnificent site. The local people of the Tugen Hills have kept the site pristine and now Newland, Tarlton & Co. have joined in partnership with the local community to bring eco-tourism groups to the “Royal Campsite.”

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Hiking and Camping in the Tugen Hills
Featuring our ‘Royal Honeymoon’ Campsite

Newland, Tarlton & Co. are honored to be exclusive partners with the Kipngochoch* Community Conservancy to promote tourism to the Tugen Hills. Our partnership with the local community allows our guests to enjoy unique experiences that have otherwise been lost in the boom of the tourist industry elsewhere in Africa. These experiences include:

  • Hiking in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Joseph Thomson (Through Masai Land, 1883)
  • Visits to fossil sites where 6 million year old “Original Man” fossils were discovered
  • Camping at the ‘Royal Honeymoon’ campsite in a beautiful forest sacred to the Tugen people
  • Nature walks through protected forests to see majestic waterfalls and spectacular views of the Rift Valley
  • Tours of traditional homes and farms (and sample delicious local food!)
  • Learning from local guides about the habitat including plants used for traditional medicine
  • Experiencing a magnificent part of unspoiled Africa, far away from the popular tourist routes

*Kipngochoch” means “holy place on the mountain” in the Tugen language