Java Dancers with Donald Young Safaris

Safari Indonesia!

You will love Indonesia with Donald Young Safaris!

The combination of breathtaking landscapes, exotic cultures, ancient temples, and amazing wildlife – not to mention some of the best scuba diving in the world – make Indonesia an irresistible addition to our Donald Young Safaris programs.

Although I have always felt a great fascination with Indonesia and thoroughly loved my travels there, it was only after I was sure I could provide the same level of quality and the same attention to detail that has made my African safaris successful did I make the decision to offer Indonesia programs to our devoted friends. Join us on our new Safari Indonesia! – Don Young

Some of our favorite Indonesian destinations include:

  • Borobudur Temple, Java
  • Orangutans & other wildlife of Borneo
  • Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island
  • Toraja-land & Maros Cave prehistoric paintings, Sulawesi
  • Exotic traditional culture in the cities of Jogjakarta and Solo

Our Indonesian partner lodges include:

Kira Godal on Safari Indonesia! with Donald Young Safaris

In February 2013, I was one of Don Young’s first clients on his new program – Safari Indonesia! Because I knew that Don was just starting to set up and run his own designs in Indonesia, I was prepared for a few glitches, but our program ran flawlessly! Every detail had been so carefully thought out, and every part of the itinerary was timed perfectly – we loved every minute! It would be hard to pick a favorite moment but certainly exploring Borneo by boat (I loved the Orangutans!), seeing Borobudur Temple, and experiencing the Ramayana Opera were unforgettable highlights. I can’t wait to go back to visit Bali and Sulawesi and see more of Borneo with Donald Young Safaris. I whole-heartedly endorse Don’s great programs in amazing Indonesia.

– Kire Godal, filmmaker

Amazing Wildlife of Indonesia

Our wildlife safaris in Indonesia feature a wonderful variety of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. Our most recent tour groups have seen Orangutans, Proboscis monkey (unique to Borneo), Gibbons, Macaque monkey, Mangabey monkey, Gavial crocodile, Monitor lizard and the legendary Komodo Dragon. Added to this list are dazzling birds such as the Rhinoceros hornbill and the Javan kingfisher. Thanks to our friends at Bambu Indah Don Young recently fulfilled a life-long wish to see the rare and adorable Bali Starling.

For wildlife and birding fanatics, Indonesia is essential.  JOIN US!

Ancient Temples & Pleasure Palaces

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple on earth and a World Heritage Site, while Prambanan Temple has been described as ‘the most beautiful Hindu Temple in SE Asia’  – and these are only two of many temples, shrines, and pleasure gardens available on our tours. Because for some of us, a couple of temple tours go a long way we make the most of your visit by aiming for the hours with best light and least tourists. Because we are a small company specializing in custom designed programs, such magic moments as the full moon rising over the Buddha’s of Borobudur are part of the unique alchemy we bring to your Safari Indonesia!

Traditional Cultures of Java, Sulawesi, Borneo & Bali

The rituals, music, costumes and crafts of Indonesia are justifiably celebrated throughout the world and our programs provide unique opportunities to relish this rich diversity. Our guests can enjoy the exquisite Javanese dancers of Jogjakarta, the Batik artists of Solo, the Floating Market at Banjarmasin, the temple dancers of Bali, as well as artisans, carvers and weavers. Added to all this are the ancient tribal cultures of Sulawesi including  40,000 year old rock art of Maros Cave and the amazing Toraja people who believe their ancestors came from the heavens.

 It is so exciting for us to weave for our guests such a vivid and varied tapestry of culture, wildlife and history. Join Us!